Looking for an Internship in Data Science?


Cmotions is a consultancy firm specialising in the application of advanced analytics and data science to our clients’ marketing and business issues. We develop data-driven business strategies for our clients, but we also support them in implementing or further optimising their existing strategy. We have some 60 driven consultants working for us on a variety of high-quality projects both for and within our client organisations, often serving on a team with other Cmotions colleagues. Some examples include:

  • Developing a bank’s digital customer contact strategy;
  • Increasing operating efficiency by directing towards customer value;
  • Optimising omni-channel marketeering based on inflow/outflow analyses for a telecom organisation;
  • Defining and implementing a data-driven business strategy for a retailer.
  • See our website for more examples, such as in government and healthcare.


About The Analytics Lab

Based on the ambitions of our own employees, The Analytics Lab is the Data Science Excellence Center for data-driven professionals and anyone who wants to explore the opportunities of the digital transformation and to accelerate in this.

We help organizations to succesfully apply new types of data, new – often open source – tooling and innovative statistical techniques. We translate the pledge into the application and outcome. Hardware is not a bottleneck. In close cooperation we determine when the test, concept or pilot is successful. Then we scale up.

As part of the project team, you will focus on forecasting methods. The aim is to forecast time series on different levels; for the next hour, days and weeks based on historical patterns, company and open source data. You will provide a framework for comparing multiple forecasting methods, where automatically the best option is chosen. Within this framework, you’ll propose how to integrate the time series in the product we provide. You are free in which forecasting methods to use (arima, var, regression, deep learning, etc.). Forecasting is a part of a bigger project, you’ll have the chance to meet experts in the field of data science and learn about other applications like Text Mining / NLP.

Functie eisen

  • R and Python;
  • Work individual;
  • English or Dutch;
  • Sufficient knowledge of time series;
  • You are self-motivated and able to work in a dynamic, delivery-focused environment;
  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking skills.

You can only apply for this internship if you study at an University in The Netherlands.


Has reading this internship assignment sparked your interest? If so, we look forward to receiving your application. For any questions or more information about our organisation and the role, you can contact us through or directly with Simon Bolhuis, Principal Consultant at 06-11 25 59 71 or Jeanine Schoonemann, Senior Consultant at 06-55 89 75 12.